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Getting Started with Magna5 IT Managed Services

Thank you for choosing Magna5

Magna5 welcomes you as a new and valued customer.  At Magna5, we hope to make your transition to our services a smooth one and address any additional questions you might have.  Below you will find information about what you should expect during the implementation process, important contact information, customer portal links, and a review of our Client Engagement and Monthly Review process.

Onboarding Introduction

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our client engagement process which starts with a kickoff call to review services. If you are new to the Magna5 family, we will use this initial call to gather information about your company as it relates to our services we are providing. If you are an existing client, we will use this call (if needed) to review and schedule any new service additions we need to implement. 

Documentation Process

Magna5 uses a powerful IT documentation tool called IT Glue to document everything needed from escalation procedures down to every device we monitor or manage. Within IT Glue, there is a feature called MyGlue that allows you to access our documentation on your company providing transparency and collaboration. You can create, view, and update documentation you need us to have. You can also use this system as your own internal documentation system. Anything you want restricted from Magna5, you can set so only your internal team has access.   

Let us know who within your organization will need MyGlue access and we will promptly create the accounts and reach out to offer a demonstration. Please also inform us if any access needs removed.

Types of information that is critical for a successful implementation

  1. Contact information – We will need the email addresses and phone numbers for the primary contacts that we will be interfacing with.
  2. Escalation Procedure – Throughout the Managed Services delivery it is critical we know how to respond when an issue arises. The escalation process creates a clear path on how the operations center interfaces with your team. 
  3. Password Sharing – As an extension of your IT team, it is important that we have a common repository of passwords and logins.  As part of the onboarding process, we need assistance collecting existing passwords for devices, logins to 3rd party websites and systems.  
  4. Additional Vendors – Part of our engagement may require interfacing with other vendors.  We like to know any contact information or account numbers for those organizations. This can be very helpful in the event a critical problem arises.
  5. Office Locations – Since your IT infrastructure may span multiple locations, we need to know the address and site contact.  This information is needed to open any ISP tickets or to dispatch field technicians.  
  6. Essential Applications – During the onboarding process we want to uncover what applications are essential to your organization.  Having this information will help our team know which systems are priority. This will also allow the Magna5 team to be prepared with information when an issue arises with that application.  
  7. Network Diagrams & Documents – The documentation portal also provides us with the ability to embed and share network diagrams. Having this information readily available can improve our troubleshooting and planning abilities.
  8. Organization Specific Processes – As an extension of your team, we want to be aware and follow existing IT related processes. For example, new hire and termination processes, or hardware requisition requests.
  9. Grant Magna5 Administrative Access to your Microsoft 365 Tenant – For Magna5 to provide management support of your Microsoft 365 tenant we must be granted access. To purchase Microsoft 365 licenses from us you also must authorize Magna5 as your CSP.

Learn How to Use the Magna5 My Glue Documentation Portal

Click Here to Access the My Glue Portal

Opening and Managing Help Desk & Service Tickets

Magna5 provides you with a portal for opening and viewing service tickets, help desk incidents and professional services engagements.  This portal is available to your IT team and to your employees for tracking individual tickets. If you already use Microsoft Office365 or Google G-Suite, we can integrate with your existing account credentials.

There are several ways to work with the Magna5 IT Operations Center & Help Desk. Our team is available 24/7/365 from our SOC2 Compliant Operations Center.

Submit & View Tickets from the Support Portal
You can login to our IT Managed Services ticketing portal to open a ticket, view existing tickets, and track projects.
Login to the IT Support Portal
First time user? Learn how to use the IT Support Portal

Chat with the Help Desk
Our Help Desk is available 24/7/365, this is available for all clients with a contract for Help Desk support. 
Start Chatting with the Help Desk

Call the Help Desk & Operations Center
The IT Services direct phone number is
833-3IT-HELP (833-334-8435), please select the appropriate option to ensure you are routed to the correct support group.

Email the Operations Center & Help Desk
ITsupport@magna5global.com for issues with systems, network, or in response to a monitoring alert.

helpdesk@magna5global.com for any issues with your workstation, tablet, or mobile phone

Engaging with Magna5 Service Delivery Teams

Magna5 has teams responsible for deploying the various systems used to deliver Managed Services. You should expect to receive communications from the groups for deploying monitoring systems, data backup, cybersecurity and any professional services.  

In the event a critical issues arises that needs immediate escalation you can refer to the IT Services Escalation page.

Monthly Service Review Meetings

At Magna5, we value our clients and therefore provide them with a customer relations program that gives them the opportunity to be actively involved with their services. Each month, our client services department along with your assigned Account Manager will follow up with a Services Review Meeting in which the following items will be addressed:

  • Monthly Incident Management Review: significant issues, device failures or error trending, and substantial changes or upgrades
  • SLA Reporting: executive summary, technical summary, and capacity planning (reports may vary depending on services provided).
  • Projects
  • Action Item/Requests
  • Process Issues/Concerns (Overall satisfaction of services)

Monthly Reports are generated and sent to customers at the beginning of each month for the prior months services. The Magna5 Client Services department then prepares a summary presentation of the information to be presented in the Services Review meeting. The Client Services Representative is responsible for coordinating these monthly meetings with the client, conducting the majority of discussion of details on the monthly call and documenting follow-up actions required.  

These Monthly Services Review meetings provide an open forum for our customers to become actively involved in their managed services as well as an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns of their services, and the need for additional services or questions.  

Building on our Partnership

We hope that during our onboarding process we can start the foundation for a long term relationship. If you ever have any questions, suggestions or concerns please share them with the team. We appreciate feedback and want to do whatever we can to satisfy our customers. Thank you again for choosing Magna5.

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