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How do I Purchase New Office365 Licenses?

If you need information regarding managing existing licenses or subscriptions, please see How do I manage my Office365 licenses & subscriptions?

1. Click here to reach the login site to access your account.


The following purchasing example is demonstrated using DocuSign. Please select the product(s) you require when following these steps.

2. From the left-side menu, click the Marketplace tab.

3. Select Business Applications

4. Select DocuSign from the subscriptions list.

5. Select your required plan from the options and click Next.

6. To enable a product, you must provide an Admin’s first name, last name, and email address. This user will receive an email for activation after provisioning of the order. After populating this information click Next.

7. For any given product there is a minimum license purchase. You cannot decrease the number of licenses from that product’s minimum value. Select the number of licenses and click Next.

8. Place your order comment for your own reference (this is not mandatory) and click Finish.

9. Review your payment information and order details before clicking Purchase.

  • Once the order is provisioned, the product admin user will receive an email.

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